Rockery stone for alpine gardens

'The more we are separated from nature, the unhappier we get.' Unknown

The essence of an Alpine garden is the balance of naturalistic planting and stone arrangement to create the atmospheric landscape suited to growing hardy plants.

At the Alpine Garden Society Center, Pershore, Worcestershire, stone has been used imaginatively in recreating landscapes to grow and display Alpine plants. The garden nearest to the car park uses stones up to several tonnes in weight to create the environment for larger alpine plants to be displayed. The Alpine Garden society recognise that many garden locations would struggle to satisfy the logistics of installing large stone and have installed - an inspired design by a Czechoslavakian landscaper - a crevice garden. Constructed in late 2004 by members of the Alpine Garden Society, using manageable slabs of stone, the crevice garden is a more practicable design for many gardens. For more images of this garden and construction details, please click here

To visit the Alpine Garden Society website here

Alpine crevice garden

Crevice garden constructed at the Alpine Garden Society.

We are pleased to say that the Alpine Garden Society have used Mine Train Quarry rockery stone for these gardens featured on this page at their Pershore center.

The Stone Garden Company supplies rockery stone products in bulk bags off loaded via a lorry crane or by forklift. Large rockery up to 3 Tonnes are supplied loose and are offloaded via lorry crane. Stones above 3 Tonnes in weight can be supplied on a flat bed lorry or via a specialised lorry with a 20 Tonne capacity lorry crane.

Customers can visit Mine Train Quarry and select the stone in situ for their design scheme.

Alpine  garden

Alpine garden using large rockery stone.

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