Rockery stone
Mine Train Quarry sandstone is neutral pH, making it non hazardous for aquatic environments. Testing of the stone by the Building Research Establishment has classified Mine Train Quarry sandstone to be Class 1 frost resistant and was determined to be "dense, strong and hard", making it an ideal building & landscaping material. Rockery stone is graded into three types to suit varying landscaping themes ; standard rockery, flat rockery and alpine rockery. The stone is sorted and loaded manually, ensuring fitness for purpose and minimising wastage. All stone is supplied in 90cm x 90cm x 90cm bulk bags where size permits. Flat stones for waterfall 'lips' can be specified and normally there is no extra charge for these.

To illustrate the use of our rockery stone incorporated into water features such as pond, stream & watefall or in Alpine gardens. Please click on the links/images below to view examples

Rockery stone for water features: pond edging, streams, waterfalls... water feature rockery stone Rockery stone - Alpine gardensalpine garden  rockery stone

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