Safety Information

'When one find's oneself in a hole of one's own making, it is a good time to examine the quality of the workmanship.' John Renmerde
When handling Mine Train Quarry sandstone products, suitable precautions must be taken as the products may cause abrasive damage to the hands. We recommend that you wear a pair of suitable heavy duty work gloves.

The stone products tend to be hard and dense so when moving or handling stone, safety foot wear, incorporating steel toe caps should be worn.

Any breaking, cutting or similar activity of sandstone will give rise to respiritable dust. Such dust contains silica and if inhaled in excessive quantities over extended periods, can constitute a long-term health hazard. We recommend that you wear dust respirators (dust masks to B.S. 2091 Type B, or equivalent). and where practicable undertake 'wet' cutting.

Breaking, cutting, etc of sandstone can project particles at high speed. We recommend that safety glasses are worn, ideally with side shields. Safety glasses should also be worn by people nearby.

Special consideration needs to be given to the movement of any stone weighing more than 25kg. An assessment should be made before lifting the stone to determine the safest method and whether any specialist lifting equipment or machinery is required. Manual handling of stone products, inappropriate body posture and over exertion can result in muscular skeletal injuries and suitable precautions must be taken before any handling is undertaken. Consider sliding the stone into position using rollers, rather than lifting it.

Extra caution needs to be taken when handling stone during wet, slippery conditions.

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